At Blue Ridge Kennels, we train dogs with a soft touch. Steve Klassen, who has been training dogs professionally since 1992 is Blue Ridge's owner and sole trainer. Steve got into this business because he loves dogs and he loves to train them to hunt. Steve relies on finesse rather than force when handling and training dogs.

At Blue Ridge we limit the number of dogs in training courses to ensure that all dogs receive the appropriate amount of training and attention. Our specialty is training pointing breeds for hunting and AKC Hunt Tests, but that's not all we do. We also offer:

AKC Junior, Senior, and Master Hunt Test training

Spaniel and Flushing Breeds Hunt Training

Basic Waterfowl Retrieving

Private lessons with or without owner/handler are $50 per lesson plus the cost of birds. Lessons run between 45 minutes and an hour depending on the dog's attention and focus. Pigeons are $5 per bird and Chukars are $15 per bird. Pheasants by prior arrangement.

Boarded Training: pups and dogs are trained daily. Fees are $300 per week and are all inclusive (boarding, food, birds, etc.). We encourage owner/handler participation for boarded pups and dogs. If possible, we would like to work with the owner/handler at least once a week.

Gundog Kindergarten

Gundog Camp






If you are interested in boarding or training your dog or just want some more information, give us a call at 707-678-5341. Check out our newest web site for more info: Blue Ridge Gundogs

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