Steve trained a GCH Irish Setter show dog to be the 4th Irish Setter in the nation to get his MHA. The #1 Irish Setter in the nation to be a GCH show dog, With advanced titles in obedience and rally. Kable started his adventure 2 years ago. Never missed at a Hunt test from his first Senior Hunt Test.

Congratulations to Steve, owner Debra Dove and of course Kable GCH CH SHINE-ON Look On The Bright Side CDX PCDX BN GN RAE MHA CGC VCX

Owner Debra Dove and the newest MHA Kable

Ryatt JH Title

Dennis DanielsonGoose earned his master hunter title and little Jade earned her junior title at Sierra Nevada RC hunt tests in Fallon, Nevada this past week.

Gina Hemphill and Wyatt with the JH title ribbon

Another MHA score and 1 left to go. Kable gives his birdman a kiss of thanks.

Shine-On Good To Go TD JH

Diana earns her SH ribbon

More to Come