Ellie Fidler and Shania

From: Ellie Fidler
Subject: SHANIA!!!
To: Steve Klassen


We did it! And had so much fun! Thanks for your help and encouragement. See you soon... 


Dan Hannum and Rocky

From: Dan Hannum
Subject: Dan Hannum & Rocky
To: Steve Klassen

Hi Steve & Amy

Rocky and I took 2nd place at the Bird Dog Challenge Western Nationals. It will be televised in January 2009. The shot is titled Tournament Hunter on the Outdoor Channel. Their Web site is Birddogchallenge.com. You had to get 5 birds in 15 minutes. We got 5 birds in 10 minutes 55 seconds, no missed shots, 5 points and 5 retrieves. It was close. 1st place had 260 pts. we had 258 pts. and 3rd was a tie with 256 pts. each. I am also attaching some pictures.


Lucy's First Hunt 

From: Bruce Eddings:
To: Steve Klassen
Subject: Lucy's first hunt


First I have to THANK YOU!!!! for doing a fantastic job with Lucy. She did better than I could have ever dreamed for her first time out. She listened to all of my commands - both voice and with the whistle, she also retrieved a couple of times. If a dog could smile, Lucy was grinning all weekend long. When a shot was fired across the field she would stop and look in that direction and then go back to hunting. There were four of us, and on Saturday we all got our limits and she accounted for half of them. Sunday was a little slower but we ended up with thirteen birds total (I also got my limit). I am very pleased with the training that she has received, and I see nothing but great hunts in the future with her. Thank you for the time that you spent with her, she is going to be wonderful for my boys and myself to hunt with.

Thank you,
Leon Eddings

From: Steve Klassen 
To: Bruce Eddings 
Subject: Re: Lucy's first hunt


Thank you for the great update about Lucy. Sounds like a good hunt for sure. She really is on the way now. I am very blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. I enjoy working with the dogs so much. Reports like yours are what makes it even better. I know you will enjoy her for years to come. Good Hunting!